Un pour la route (Paris, FR)
6.11. – 13.11.2014
Work/ refreshments by Brian Khek, Pascual Sisto, Bryan Schutmaat, Jennifer Teets featuring Nicholas Hatfull, and Amy Yao.

'Rosé Time'

Contrary to the collective beliefs, the aperitif obeys a meticulous master plan, a series of conventions that strictly delimits the contour of this pre-dinner ritual. Too much alcohol makes you forget that you have to eat. A lack of it frustrates the participants. It is also a time of deceleration that reverses the principles of the high-speed train: fast immobility. As such it somehow acts as a testing ground for discourses and positions. The antiquity privileged the symposium in which wine acted as a catalyst to address issues that gathered philosophers, historians, and mathematicians. But now it is the ambiguities that pertain this tradition toward the post-industrial economy that makes it relevant: working outside the domain of productivity, the aperitif is nonetheless one of the most effective social laboratories.

– Charles Teyssou, November 2014

Bryan Schutmaat, Pascual Sisto, Brian Khek


Pascual Sisto


Pascual Sisto; Obstructed Views; 2008; Digital prints on postcards


Pascual Sisto; Obstructed Views; 2008; Digital prints on postcards


Pascual Sisto; Obstructed Views (Notre Dame); 2008; Digital print on postcard


Pascual Sisto; Obstructed Views (Eiffel Tower); 2008; Digital print on postcard


Pascual Sisto - Michelada


Pascual Sisto, Brian Khek


Brian Khek; Sam 2a, Sam 2b, Sam 2c; 2014; Acrylic on newspaper


Brian Khek - Kalimotxo


Brian Khek, Amy Yao


Amy Yao; Jouissance, PCH: Milan; 2014; Fiberglass, synthetic rice paper, crayon, polyester resin


Amy Yao - Italian Tickler


Jennifer Teets ft. Nicholas Hatfull, Bryan Schutmaat


Jennifer Teets - Buffalo Mozzarella


Nicholas Hatfull; Short pants and slippers are not recommended (serviette-ish); 2012; Napkin edition


Nicholas Hatfull - Fried Stuffed Olives


Bryan Schutmaat


Bryan Schutmaat; Paul; 2010; Photograph


Bryan Schutmaat - Budweiser


Brian Khek


Brian Khek; Sam 1a, Sam 1b; 2014; Acrylic on newspaper


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